Phyto Treasures GmbH

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Our Values

Phyto Treasures GmbH attaches great importance to fairness and social responsiblity of the products, from production to sales.

That is why we work with VFJ GmbH, a youth and handicapped workshop. Here, over 40 disabled employees work on our products at various workshops, organize our warehouse and logistics.

In this way, we work together to create a better future for everyone involved.

Our approach since the very beginning has been to promote social and ecological justice with global producer cooperatives.

We have been successful in southwestern Morocco, where our ARGANHAIN® argan oil is obtained from organic argan fruits in fair trade women's cooperatives. The chicle natural latex for our CHICZA® organic chewing gum is also processed in the Mexican rainforests under fair conditions. The work of the local Chicleros there helps to protect the rainforests. Chicleros trägt zum Schutz der Regenwälder bei.

Social responsibility and the preservation of ecological cycles are our daily incentiveto establish healthy food, cosmetic and health and beauty products on the market.

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