Phyto Treasures GmbH

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Distribution as a Service

Our team has many years of experience and has developed many good contacts in organic wholesale and retail as well as food retailing and, as a result, can offer all services needed to establish new products on the market.

We manage the development and launch of the brands as well as the distribution, sales and logistics.

Evaluation and preparation for listing

  • Personal consultation from the management and preliminary evaluation of a product with regards to its acceptance on the German market
  • Presentation of the product to decision-makers in both the wholesale and retail organic grocery and food sector, including attractive samples
  • Consultation on profitable price structures and any necessary product modifications
  • Preparation of marketing materials, translations of product information and packaging according to the German Packaging Ordinance

Distribution and logistics

  • If the listing is successful, we offer - without additional costs - a distribution warehouse that guarantees convenient delivery of the products to customers. This makes it possible for foreign organic producers in particular to make their products available.

You deliver large quantities to our warehouse - we take care of on time pick up and delivery.

  • In addition, we take on the all-round support of the retail brand right through to the end customer, launch marketing campaigns, create flyers and press kits, agree price campaigns with individual branches and present your products at trade fairs
  • With sufficient purchase quantities, you can participate in Amazon FBA through us
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